Michelle's Art and Photography

I offer customized artwork at reasonable rates. I specialize in portraits of horses, dogs, goats, cattle, and other pets and livestock. With every work of art, I always do my best to capture your subject's individual personality in life-like detail. These beautiful portraits will be cherished by your family for many years to come. It is a great way to recognize those who mean so much to us.

If you have a picture of it, I can draw or paint it but the pictures do need to be high quality photos. You can have me come take the photographs first if you want as well. See photography pages for details.


Ordering Information

If you would like to order a custom artwork, please contact me by email at michelle1050@sbcglobal.net. You will need at least one good picture of the subject you are wanting done. I can supply you with my mailing address and you can send your order and your picture, along with a check or money order for the amount of the piece you are ordering. You can also email me your pictures and your ordering information.

Because of the wide range of possibilities for your custom artwork, I have widely varying fees so please contact me and we'll work out a fair price for exactly what you're wanting. If you do not have a photograph of your subject, consider having me photograph it for you. I can either come to your place for the photos or you can come here. We will work out a fair fee according to each situation. Just as an example of how affordable these works of art are, my most popular order is an 8x10 oil pastel portrait (head shot) for only $100. 

I can ship, with buyer paying shipping fees, or the artwork can be picked up in person. Please email with any questions or if you'd like to put in an order. michelle1050@sbcglobal.net